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Plant in the One Heart Forest

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The time to act is now.

Your donation will provide solutions to several social and environmental challenges.
Together, we'll bridge our environmental goals with something close to our hearts… human connection.

Planting trees and growing forests in heavily deforested areas plays an integral part in solving our climate crisis. Trees offset carbon while giving us clean air and oxygen. They prevent water runoff that would pollute our ocean and provide habitats for wildlife, and so much more.

Your contribution to plant in the One Heart Forest will also:

• Create sustainable livelihoods and restore social dignity

• Alleviate poverty and hunger 

• Provide green school education which is made available for local students so they can carry on the tradition of protecting our planet for generations

• Empower women and promote gender equality

• Teach the process of reforestation to employees in the plant nursery

• Plant a combination of trees, including a wide variety of fruit trees, to:

    • Help restore the quality of the soil

    • Provide nutritious food for the community

    • Provide medicines through the fallen leaves

    • Be sustainably sold to other territories

The One Heart Forest supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is part of the UN’s Trillion Tree Campaign.

100% of your donation will go towards planting trees in the One Heart Forest.
Every dollar makes a difference, and is greatly appreciated!